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Art News Africa Podcast; Studio Visits Nigeria Episode with Ameh Egwuh

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Welcome to a new month and to a new episode drop! Studio Visits; Nigeria, hosted by Jonas Schwarz Lausten. We take a look at some of Nigeria’s most inspiring contemporary artists. This episode is a conversation with stellar creative, Ameh Egwuh.

Ameh Egwuh. Image courtesy of Jonas Schwarz Lausten

Ameh Egwuh attended Delta State University to study fine and applied art. He has been a participant of several group programs including Young Contemporaries by Rele Arts Foundation and Young Contemporaries Bootcamp. Galleries like Rele Gallery in Lagos and Galleria Bianconi in Milan have displayed his art. His works we’re also on show at South South Veza and FNB Art Joburg in 2020. As a partcipant of Rele’s Young Contemporaries, his first solo exhibition, “Life After Life,” took place at the Rele Gallery in Los Angeles in April 2021. “Fantasies of the Other Side” then took place at the Rele Gallery in Lagos in October 2021. Adinkra, Nsibidi signs, scarification techniques used in traditional Ife art, and contemporary art are all incorporated into Egwuh’s works.

A better place, 2021, Acrylic on canvas
Image courtesy of Rele Gallery

On the this episode Ameh talks about his experiences in the art world and his inspirations that allow him to create.

For more listen in HERE.

Music is from ⁠⁠Pixabay⁠⁠ and the theme song “⁠⁠Start Again⁠⁠” is by Nigerian singersong writer ⁠⁠Falana⁠⁠. Sculpture on podcast cover by ⁠⁠Alimi Adewale⁠⁠.


Azeeza Sanni is the General Manager of Art News Africa. She is a graduate of Middlesex University of Mauritius & Monash South Africa. You can reach her with information/requests on

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