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Celebrating One Year of dot.ateliers. The Residency Unveils it’s Second Space and shares plans forthe Future

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Accra, Ghana – dot.ateliers, a visionary art space founded by acclaimed artist Amoako Boafo, was pleased to
celebrate its one year anniversary with a series of events. dot.ateliers is pleased to share an announcement of
its next initiative.

The dot.ateliers residency program is designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and exploration, providing
artists with the space and resources they need to deepen their artistic practices. The serene and captivating
location in Accra’s city center offers a transformative experience for emerging and established artists alike.
In 2023, dot.ateliers hosted 3 artists in residency (Crystal Yayra Anthony, Dzidjefo Amegatsey, Sadiokou Oukpeoji). Three curated exhibitions (what could possibly go wrong if we tell it like it is… in collaboration with
Gagosian, left hanging- one sculpture, one rug and paintings a selection of works from the Boafo collection, and let’s peel it back an group show of the residents we have had in 2023). We also hosted the first of our artist talk
session (dots by the fireside). We welcomed a little under 2000 visitors to our space for the months when we
were open in 2023.

dot.ateliers courtyard
Image courtesy of Julien Lanoo

Announcing dot.ateliers | ogbodjo
We are delighted to unveil our latest initiative, dot.ateliers | ogbodjo, the next residency in our series. This venture emerged from a recognized need and a unique connection to a space where Amoako Boafo envisioned immense potential. dot.ateliers | ogbodjo is designed as a residency for writers, curators, and filmmakers; the residency is by invitation only. Our inaugural program in this space,, is set to launch in collaboration with Ayana V. Jackson and STILL Art Residency Program in Johannesburg, South African. With two artists at the helm, together they will bring much needed insight into the needs of the artists they support.

“In the aftermath of major projects, artists often find themselves depleted, sometimes losing their sense of self”
says Ayana V. Jackson. seeks to address this by providing a space where artists can come in without
the pressure of production, allowing for rejuvenation and recentering as they prepare for whatever comes next.
“We had been engaged in conversation about rest programming following her time with Derrick Adams at the
Last Resort artist retreat and was just looking forthe right space. I came across the Ogbodjo space and initially
meant to develop it as my private residence but as the space evolved I knew this would be the next residency in
our series creating space for writers, curators and filmmakers we invite. will be a special program
offered at dot.ateliers | ogbodjo ” says Amoako Boafo.

Dzidefo Amegatsey Open Studio
Cortesy of dot.ateliers. Photo by Nana Ampofo

Amoako Boafo’s vision for dot.ateliers | ogbodjo focuses on the private and shared spaces created between lush
gardens and the architectural interventions of this adaptive reuse project. Beyond aesthetic appeal, these
connections to nature serve as both visually pleasing and contemplative spaces, fostering tranquility and focus
for writers and curators. Boafo, in his brief for the reshaping of the space, prioritized an environment that
nurtures the creative process. The inclusion of residential and collaborative spaces amidst nature contribute to
a holistic approach to creativity. The architecture allows residency activities to move seamlessly between
indoor and outdoor spaces and creates a haven for creative minds.

dot.ateliers | south labadi
For 2024 dot.ateliers will be welcoming up to six artists to our residency (names to be announced second week
of January) in addition to formalizing a talks program geared at encouraging artists to talk about their practice.
The goal is to get artists talking comfortably where necessary about their practice in and out of their studio
setting while situating their work within the larger critical discourse. We will launch our first educational
program inviting schools to experience the space and the various exhibitions we will be curating. We are excited
for 2024 and all that it brings..

Installation view, 2023,
Image courtesy of dot.ateliers, Nii Odzenma

Anniversary celebration: (Overview of weekend)
On the 15th of December, as part of our community engagement, we welcomed 120 children and 12 faculty
from 7 schools in the South Labadi Estate and Osu township. Artists and volunteers exposed the children to
foundations in sketching, still life drawing, painting, Sculpting and craft making. We also received volunteer
assistance from Dikan; while Food for All Ghana and the Ghana food movement assisted with sustainable
healthy meals for participants, with drink sponsorship from BAMnut ghana. The private dinner that evening brought a food experience curated by Chef Hawa Hassan and musical performance by Tommy WÁ.

Saturday December 16th started with visits to spaces like Art Martis and ADA gallery followed by a public
opening of the exhibition titled “let’s peel it back” which opened with a performance from the movement artist
Nana Yaa Poku Asare-Boadu.

On Sunday the 17th, we successfully concluded our community engagement with a health screening event.
Over 500 members of the community were provided with general health and dental screenings. We had fruit
sponsorship from Blue Skies and meals served in partnership with Ghana Food Movement and Food for All
Ghana in the morning and afternoon. A block party in the evening saw performances from Jupiter, Baaba J,
Ladipoe, EL, Bloody Civilian and King Promise.

Installation view, 2023,
Image courtesy of dot.ateliers, Nii Odzenma

Exhibition: let’s peel it back
“let’s peel it back” features the works of three artists—Crystal Yayra Anthony, Dzidefo Amegatsey, and Sadikou
Oukpejoi. The artists explore universal human experiences through themes of vulnerability, memory, and existential crisis expressed through mythologies. The connecting threads in their works are reflections on the human condition and the materiality of the layers they create. Crystal’s exploration includes sensuality and a darker palette influenced by personal experiences, while Courage’s layered art captures the beauty of memories
beneath surfaces. Sadikou’s process-oriented approach creates sculptural works questioning the human condition and inviting viewers to engage in discussion about man and how he elevates himself above all else..
The exhibition serves as a conversation piece, prompting contemplation on shared human experiences expressed through vulnerability, mythology, and memory. The exhibition was opened with a performance by british born ghanaian movement artist Nana Yaa Poku Asare-Boadu whose practice echoes various elements of the larger exhibition.

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