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Nomadic Art Gallery Presents Group Exhibition “Transtemporal Travel”

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From July 15 through August 12, 2023, Nomadic Art Gallery (NAG) in Victoria Island will host the intriguing exhibition: Transtemporal Travel – including works by contemporary African artists; Emmanuel Adeyemi, Fiyin Koko, Janet Adebayo, Joe Abdallah, Oluwaferanmi Okeowo, and Valerie Etitinwo.

Janet Adebayo, Original Practice, 2023, Acrylic on Traditional Scroll, 91.4 x 122 cm

While dedicated to ‘make African art travel’ the newly renovated gallery in Victoria Island remains the anchor of the organisation with exciting exhibitions by a mix of established and emerging artists. All selected for their uniqueness and passion representing the richness of African contemporary art from print and sculptures to paintings and eclectic craft.

The Transtemporal Travel exhibition, featuring paintings, sculptures, and an installation, seeks to underscore the relationships between human behaviour and time. It takes its audience on a journey from the old and nostalgic to the futuristic and imagined, intricately demonstrating human habits in relation to culture, social vices, beliefs, career, and interpersonal relationships.

Valerie Etitinwo, I Feel Left Out, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas, 78.7 x 86.4cm

In this exhibition, Valerie Etitinwo who creates abstract figurative paintings which celebrate the beauty of ugliness and awkwardness, shares a part of her current journey about separation with the viewers. Oluwaferanmi Okeowo, currently using the impasto technique on canvas, explores the concept of time and it’s relationship with our experiences. Joseph Abdallah tells stories of the transtemporal temple with its Drapes, the time traveller, and the time orb. 

Oluwaferanmi Okeowo, The Illusion of Hope, 2023, Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 111.8 x 152cm

Emmanuel Adeyemi created mixed media works to purge the minds of many that are stuck on the humanly created traffic of time. Janet Adebayo walks the audience through the idea of headship in different period of time in relation to beliefs and finally, Fiyin Koko’s work takes the form of intricately carved pots that serve as visual narratives of the human journey.The duo behind NAG is Danish entrepreneur, Charlotte Obidairo and Gallery Director, Mercy Imiegha whose shared passion for contemporary African art powers the unconventional gallery concept. “We strongly believe that African artists are on the brink of their own Afrobeat breakthrough” says Mercy Imiegha, “For seven years we have been criss-crossing the continent, exhibiting and learning about the intricacies and diversity of African art and we are more confident now than ever, that time is now for African contemporary art”.

Joe Abdallah, The Time Traveller, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas, 89 x 106.7 cm

Since 2016, Nomadic Art Gallery has been on a mission to provide African art and artists on the continent and in diaspora a strong voice and visibility in Africa and beyond, pioneering what NAG refers to as “the Afrobeat of Contemporary Art”. The non-conformist gallery has for years collaborated with global furniture brand, BoConcept Africa showcasing African art in the company of Scandinavian designs, highlighting the complementarity of the two distinct aesthetics. “Art meets Design” exhibitions have been held in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Lagos, and Nairobi featuring prominent artists including Peju Alatise, Yagazie Emezie and Baba Tjeko amongst others.

Fiyin Koko, My Trip, 2023, Pottery, 15.3 x 30.5 cm

Emmanuel Adebayo Adeyemi, Nostalgia I, 2023, Mixed media (Acrylic & Cemented foam on canvas), 122 x 150 cm

Additional information about Nomadic Art Gallery:
Ms. Mercy Imiegha
Gallery Director
Tel: 0814 003 4651

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