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‘Side By Side’ Exhibition to Spotlight East African Women’s Art

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The Impundu Arts Center, a local hub for art curation in Rwanda, will present the “Side by Side” group exhibition from February 3 to 18 at the Niyo Arts Center in Kacyiru. This two-week artistic showcase will offer a great opportunity to explore and appreciate the best artworks in the region.

"Side by Side" group exhibition Rwanda
Artists for the ‘Side by Side’ Exhibition

Since its establishment in 2022, Impundu Arts Center has played a pivotal role in bolstering women artists. It has orchestrated the display of their creations through both solo and group exhibitions. The absence of female role models in Rwanda spurred the genesis of the centre. It sought to provide a platform for budding women to draw inspiration from the accomplishments of their artistic counterparts.

Curated by Jemima Kakizi, the exhibition is poised to unite eight women artists from six East African nations—Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia. The featured artists include Kanyange Louise (Rwanda), Nadia Wamunyu (Kenya), N. J. Solana (Burundi), Tsega Zewde Rago (Ethiopia), Doreen Mueni (Kenya), Lincka Lydie (Rwanda), Happy Robert (Tanzania), as well as Florence Nanteza (Uganda).

"Side by Side" group exhibition Rwanda

Kakizi, the curator of the ‘Side by Side’ art exhibition, expressed in recent reports, “Side by Side aims to celebrate diversity, unity, and the collective strength that emerges from shared experiences.”

She underscored that participating in the exhibition provides an invaluable opportunity to endorse and acknowledge the endeavours of skilled artists. Specifically, it aims to shed light on women who have often faced inadequate representation in the art world.

According to Kakizi, admission to the exhibition is free, offering attendees a unique opportunity for enrichment.

 “Visitors can also explore new perspectives, delve into diverse cultures through the showcased African arts, and connect with the rich history and compelling narratives embedded in African art. The exhibition will be a platform to acquire knowledge, explore fresh perspectives, and further demonstrate backing for African arts and the creative minds shaping them. See you all in February,” she noted.


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