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Salifou Lindou Fouanta’s Celebrated by The Africa Center with Solo Exhibition

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The Africa Center is celebrating the extraordinary talent of Salifou Lindou Fouanta through a solo exhibition opening on November 14th – 29th. This exhibition promises a captivating exploration of Lindou’s artistry, featuring a diverse collection of seminal works.

Salifou Lindou was born in 1965 in Foumban, Cameroon. He is a self-taught artist currently residing and working in Douala. As a respected figure among Cameroon’s artists, Lindou is a pioneer who now imparts his knowledge to the newer generation through Kapsiki Circle, his art initiative that promotes the arts in Cameroon.

Through this platform, Lindou organized exhibitions, projects, and residencies, fostering artistic expression and cultural exchange. Through his dedication to nurturing artistic talent in his community, he has made a lasting impact on the local art scene. Lindou’s work not only reflects his creativity but also signifies a commitment to cultivating a vibrant artistic environment in Cameroon.

Politiciens 50, 2023
Pastel on paper mounted on canvas, framed
150 × 150 cm. Image courtesy of Artsy.

Initially known for his installations, sculptures, and mixed collages on canvas, Lindou has recently transitioned to working with pastels on paper. Energetic and spontaneous lines characterize his pastel creations. With this, he depicts a vibrant contrast between strength and vulnerability, movement and stillness, and peace and chaos.

Lindou’s artistic vision captures the resilience of individuals striving for dignity amidst adversity. His creations vividly depict corrupt politicians scheming in the shadows. Moreover, he also depicts families torn apart by migration, capturing the raw emotions that define daily struggles. He skillfully portrays moments of connection and community by depicting neighbors engrossed in lively conversations. He also brings hope and resilience by immersing children in their innocent games.

Le selfie, le passif et la boudeuse, 2022
Pastel, acrylic, posca, and collage on canvas
150 × 150 cm. Image courtesy of Artsy.

Beyond his artistic achievements, Lindou embodies the spirit of mentorship, nurturing, and supporting the next generation of artists in Douala. His influence extends beyond the canvas, shaping the local artistic landscape and inspiring emerging talents to explore their creative boundaries.

The exhibition promises an immersive experience for art enthusiasts and artists alike. It offers viewers and art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Salifou Lindou Fouanta. Through his evocative artworks, attendees will embark on a transformative journey, exploring the intricate layers of the human spirit. This event not only celebrates Lindou’s remarkable achievements but also serves as a testament to the enduring power of art in illuminating the human experience.


Rose Mwikali Musyoki is a creative writer from Nairobi, Kenya. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Finance from the University of Embu, Kenya, and is the founder of Bloom Inc, an art startup in Kenya. Currently, she works as a writer for Art News Africa.

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